If a packet has a VLAN ID that is the same as the outgoing port native VLAN ID, the packet is sent untagged; otherwise, the switch sends the packet with a tag.

. 1Q trunk To return to the default native VLAN, VLAN 1, use the no switchport trunk native vlan interface configuration command.

The standard defines a system of VLAN tagging for Ethernet frames and the accompanying procedures to be used by bridges and switches in handling such frames.


On that port the Ethernet frames are tagged with the 802. Nov 21, 2019 First, specify the interface name in the form of parentInterface. 1Q tag with VLAN ID 1, are received on the main interface.

switchport trunk allowed vlan add 2 tagged.

configure terminal Enter global configuration mode. Dec 19, 2019 All of this makes it a prime target for the bad guys. A frame in the VLAN-aware portion of the network that does not contain a VLAN tag is assumed to be flowing on the native VLAN.

Switch (config-if) switchport trunk native vlan 200 Specifies the native VLAN for IEEE 802. Make sure your network is loop-free before disabling spanning tree.

1q format, which has a VID (a tag) that identifies what VLAN it's.

When your Cisco switches receive an Ethernet frame without a tag on an 802.

1Q tagging can receive both tagged and untagged traffic. It is considered a best practice.

Bridge - create bridge - make sure VLAN filtering is disabled until the end to prevent locking yourself out. IEEE 802.

Step 6 end Example Switch (config) end.

So we can see here, the Name FastEthernet 011, Switchport Enabled, ooh, thats important. Sep 27, 2007 Bydefault your native vlan data will always pass through the trunk as untagg even if you see the output of "show interface switchport" command as "Administrative Native VLAN taggingenabled". The port between router and switch is configured as a trunk port so that both router and switch know which packet belongs to which customer VLAN.

. 1Q feature. 1w bridge dot1q port to the Cisco rapid-pvst dot1q port, ensure that the native vlan is changed on the 3rd party bridge, too, of course. In order for 802. . 1Q tagging can receive both tagged and untagged traffic.


Hi Ken, Vlan 1 is not equal to the native vlan though it is default to native vlan on cisco's implementaion. .

If you issue a command "vlan dot1q tag native" it will tag the data for native vlan on all trunk and if you issue a command "no vlan dot1q tag native" it.

Native VLAN tagging is not supported, and the vlan dot1q tag native command is not available.

You don't really need to use it in other.